Saturday, 28 November 2015

Intensive HOTS class

HOTS- High Order Thinking Skill
Its huge! Kinda of  similar to creative critical thinking skill which is designed with an  intention to spurs our brain to think analytically and concentrating, so as to create something new in mind and action. Well that is how I see it ongoing.    
      By the way during this school  holiday,  its a must to prepare kids and student for their study plan. They have to be geared towards confronting the future Curriculum, with this up coming scenario, Adz Basic Educare had managed to offer a three days workshop on incentive Bi, Maths and Science which is more focus on HOTS, ways to solve problems and thinking out of the box.

Venue:  Bec Care, Tmn Bertam Indah
Time & Date:  23th - 26th November 2015
  Target Group :  7 years - 15 years.
                             Session 1
                            Monday -     Maths
                            Tuesday -       BI
                            Wednesday  - Science
                         Session 2

                            Monday -     BI
                            Tuesday -     Maths
                            Wednesday  - Science      
                 Additional Class - 8.00-10.00 am
                                  Thursday - BI       

Basic Grammar and basic spoken with connectors and sequence. Having conversation and writing.
eg:  First I will like to_______
To start- Good morning to my fellow friends.....
To introduce points-  First of all_____my next points_____ as a result_____ but____In conclusion_____

Well solve this. Find the different between each 2 numbers and fill in all the bubbles.

Maths is fun and the lessons thats beeing taught are about covering the act of solving a few problems on numbers & operations and also searching the answers to the puzzles given.
Alhamdulillah, accomplished when 13 students had registered. 

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