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p/s: A bunch of questions & chat around my Fb & Aulia English Club.


    • Samizul Dot Net GOOD effort Sis! Congratz! ;D

    • Adziah Aziz Ghee, thanks,you're the first to comment arr...

    • Samizul Dot Net YW ;) A'ah, it's suprising me.. Besides, why I can't see 'invite friends/people' rq here? I want to invite others.. :)

    • Adziah Aziz Thanks again. I appreciated it.

English Proverbs today.
“The early bird gets the worm.”
It is basically used as a recommendation to get up or arrive early every day


    • Wan Mahani Beacham Hi Adziah, what's your advise to motivate my girl (9yrs) to go to school and do her homework. She finds her school not so interesting?

    • Adziah Aziz 
      Might be she used to play games on PC? There's too much entertainments throughout media so surely she expected & wanted more fun at school now. So mom shud do something here...explain the facts of beeing uneducated person then punch a little bribe,meaning give & take ..promising her some treats kay in favour of her willingness to study.
      You can either present her a box of fancy pencil colours & stickers, letting her using them after finishing the school work or while waiting for the teacher to enter class.
      ( Colours do enhance the child's mind perpetually.)


      Roxis Ruviozen Not just read. You should listen,see and think, Right?

        • Adziah Aziz Yes, that's more likely to adapt the language.

        • Roxis Ruviozen Those words just flew in my head..

        • Adziah Aziz correction: Those words had just flown to my head or ......
          it had just flashed onto my mind or...I was thinking the same.
          p/s: Nice try Vergil. Just let the words out!!!

        • Roxis Ruviozen sorry..

        • Adziah Aziz Untuk belajar mesti berani buat kesalahan.Dari kesalahan kita memulakan langkah pembelajaran.

        • Roxis Ruviozen Okay,I'll try my best.

          • Question.

            • Sar Cun i try to speak english. the problem is i dont know how to pronoun some word.

            • Adziah Aziz I think its alright to speak English with our mother tongue kinda of talkin'.Language is much more important to understand so that we cud communicate among each other rather then to worry about the pronunciation alone.So just talk...the slang will come along nicely after that.

          Simple Chat.
          welcome to the club

            • Mohd Munir tq you.. you all mmg spoting

            • Adziah Aziz Welcome and don't worry. Please feel free to write and share , whatever there is.... in English you dare.

          Adziah Aziz Just go on talking and it will guide u to speak freely & upgrade ur vocabulary. How? Talk to urself,siblings,family,friends,blog and diary.Watch movies & talk like those actors. Hear the songs and sing joyously while following the lyrics .Read the billboard,sign,post and papers continuously.
          Certainly, you're great!

            • Wan Mahani Beacham strange but that's how I learned to speak fluently when I was little (besides having a parent who spoke very well). I said this over again to people who wants to speak fluent english; read and sing aloud !!

            • Adziah Aziz Yep,that was how I was beeing brought into...watching favourite movies such as Dallas,Peyton Place...reading Hardy boys,Nancy Drews & Fairy Tales...Singing melodiously on Andy Gibbs's ,ABBA's ,Love songs & lots more.

            • Wan Mahani Beacham aren't we lucky to be exposed to those wonderful books, not the translated version (rolled my eyes), and those evergreen songs! one of my memorable moments growing up are simply just doing those things...

            • Adziah Aziz Nowdays we'd been through a hectic life..lots to catch up. Moms don't have time to lingger at home & caring kids anymore. What a waste!And pity the next generation who had to coop life without 100% love & parents's supervisors.

            • Wan Mahani Beacham so true, a sad thing...

        • Aqmar Fikhri Mohamed Saburi Okay, no problem. :D

        • Muhammad Afiq Burn thank you aqmar..hahahaha =D

        • Adziah Aziz Learning is to be sincere n u'll definately conquer it,insyaAllah.

        • Wan Mahani Beacham dear afiq, don't be shy to use the language, even at home. and remember to read aloud. if you have the desire, you can do it!

        • Minnie Ajid Afiq u same like me.wanna learn how tp speak inglish proper.cause all my kids can speak inglish hehe so perasaan malu tu ada hehehe


Syikkin B Rh i'm confius..is it 'in penang' or 'at penang'??

    • Adziah Aziz Look at how you construct the sentence. You stay in Penang but the things happened at Komtar,Penang.

    • Syikkin B Rh when to use whilst and while?

    • Adziah Aziz Whilst-in spite of the fact that/ although.
      1."You know that whilst I'm here for you, I had to go".
      2.She is reading the book while her sister pace back and forth.
      3. Please, can you wait here for a while.
      p/s: whilst & while, the same meaning but there's a slight different too by sentences

    • Syikkin B Rh owh..thank you so much..i think this club is very beneficial for me to improve my english..thanks for helping!!! :)

      Adziah Aziz This Cub is simple and I hope everyone wud feel free to write & pls don't mind about the fault in writing,neither you nor me...I know that
      "Grass is always greener on the other side" meaning other Fb is much better. I just want to share the beauty and goal in learning English.

        • Raja Ahmad Fadhlan who is that guy???

        • Adziah Aziz Ha ha...my son started to ask questions now..Ghee handsome, that is my er..acquaintance arr.

        • Syikkin B Rh hee~ alan was being a protactive son..hohoho n he is full of curiosity too!! alan would've said:keep away from my mommy!!??!..hehehhe
          keep up the good effort aunty!!-syikkin-

        • Adziah Aziz Yeah..kids apt to know parents whereabouts & reasons eh.Thanks

          ‎'Hai, If you strive harder, you'll conquer the peak of success!' - adz

            • Mala Idris For English - we use "Hi" n not "Hai"- that's Malay language!

            • Adziah Aziz Yup!Thanks to remind me of that but as always, who cud forget the nature of our mother tongue,right...it's just slip out coz I'm a truly Malaysian gal . :)

              • english is trouble...

                  • Adziah Aziz It will be more troublesome if we still stay put or remained ignorance ,won't it?

                  • Ulysse Zarraf use english as much as we can to avoid trouble esp in our daily activities..after all english is fun to use