Monday, 13 November 2017

Spoken English Workshop on October and November 2017.

Hi... another of Adz BEC activities at SMKKS, Tasek Gelugor
, a 13 days workshop on Public Spoken... a speech actually tutoring 38 pupils.
Presentations along with the speech stressing the importance of grammar in communicating among students.

we learn and practise...

Well... here is the fault and shud have been wtitten like this...
a self access learning

Discussung on assignment given.

No doubt... correction on these articles too.

Thank you.

List of completed Project...

Basic Communication (RPJJ USM)
17th January Multi Purpose Hall, Hamzah Sendut Library USM.

Adz Basic Educare also had a few activities which collaborated with other institutions as illustrated below:-

An activity collaborated with Alumni RPJJ USM... students from Sek Tahfiz Balik Pulau.

Another activity with Alumni in Kedah.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

A Small Wonder about generations...

      Well, it had been some time now this blog had lost its mere post and yes, even this jot shud be pinned up here earlier. So before further ado or starting to add in my new activities... why not let me illustrate a few of my thoughts...not much though but flipping back to the previous years of studying compared to nowadays... way to go as am going to explain now.
      In yesteryears, no doubt students were well educate by mom or granny or even nanny at home before stepping into their kindergartens. Yes, they were well-cared of, well-fed, all had been taken care of while on the other hand...they still grumble lately :)
Then emerged to the surface these new Gen Z (GZ)  whom are a lot more demanding and  perpetually  acted as the best student satire, I reckon :)
    I label them as Genre of realistic and not a hanger of visualization anymore. Inspite of being smart and practical, GZ had been moulded up with gadgets and money so that they are well equipped and self access lived. So what are the naughty side of them? Aha! Thats it...they are too independent and having all to themselves without parents' consent yet trying to do something new too after sailing through iphone, web 2.0, robotic etc.
    Come to think of it, then now, tagging along Gen Alpha... sweet cute kiddies full of technological minds, tools & link. Just wait and see...

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Jom Masuk PPPJJ!

                "Jom Masuk PPPJJ", was under USM, a two-day programme (24-25th February 2017) which provided a wide range of information on Bachelor and Bachelor Degree programme offered through the School of Distance Education (PPPJJ), USM. Well, the programme was officiated by the Dean of PPPJJ, Associate Professor Dr. Mustafa Fadzil Farid Wajidi on Friday, February 24, 2017.
Well, Mr E  is introducing me as an MC for the day.
Getting to know more about  'Sastera'

Maybank has a great product,
 I guess YES indeed!                          
        So, lets take this chance to learn more about the           opportunities offered by the PPPJJ, USM and passed it around.

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Equipt for Future Globalization

Hi again
In having time to gain knowledge is quite a blessing. Thinking about noetic learning is an interesting topic to discuss about only  to those who loved it, I guess but not all tend to have it as trophy. As it seems a plain exhausting topic that associated with the use of mind; in addition, going through advertisement and blogs are not much an activity to be liked ( in my kinda of view...thats why many of them failed in exams, interviews and promotion). Nowadays  learning English is something that everyone hunts deeply, knowing that it helps to explore the world of hub and lots more. Growing towards the path of 21st. century...I assumed that tools and gadgets had changed the knowledge tides towards true globalisation and still  to keep on going on and on...infinitive, never trying to get it over and done with.
First, they say that knowledge is costly! And indeed it does as it is the quality thats beeing sought after. But still the local tuition centre had not beeing taken for liking too. How often, we cud see parents had to urge their kids to study at the tution centre or involve in any workshop. Today's generation are geared towards higher thinking skills so that they may survive for the coming new technology governance and modern civilisation. Nevertheless there are lots of management events that can change the world so of course the awareness of learning and studying shud be known and illustrates wider. Beyond everything thats been noted, gadget and phones are spreading fast and affected the younger generations even more. This must be reduced as they disturbed the process of learning. I hope more and more students and community will alert on this isue. Strive for the best!
Now lets skip to an activity with  a few couple of shots from the recent workshop.
Those who love studying to enhance themselves and to grab success within the opportunity given.Taking the resource and capability perspectives as valuable lenses to study more. Well by the look of it, everybody is looking at their best post, discussing with the Tutor over the basic point in starting a clause, phrase, sentence, paragraph and essays.
Date: 27th Jan 2017 at Multi-purpose Hall, Hamzah sendut 1, USM, Penang

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Intensive HOTS class

HOTS- High Order Thinking Skill
Its huge! Kinda of  similar to creative critical thinking skill which is designed with an  intention to spurs our brain to think analytically and concentrating, so as to create something new in mind and action. Well that is how I see it ongoing.    
      By the way during this school  holiday,  its a must to prepare kids and student for their study plan. They have to be geared towards confronting the future Curriculum, with this up coming scenario, Adz Basic Educare had managed to offer a three days workshop on incentive Bi, Maths and Science which is more focus on HOTS, ways to solve problems and thinking out of the box.

Venue:  Bec Care, Tmn Bertam Indah
Time & Date:  23th - 26th November 2015
  Target Group :  7 years - 15 years.
                             Session 1
                            Monday -     Maths
                            Tuesday -       BI
                            Wednesday  - Science
                         Session 2

                            Monday -     BI
                            Tuesday -     Maths
                            Wednesday  - Science      
                 Additional Class - 8.00-10.00 am
                                  Thursday - BI       

Basic Grammar and basic spoken with connectors and sequence. Having conversation and writing.
eg:  First I will like to_______
To start- Good morning to my fellow friends.....
To introduce points-  First of all_____my next points_____ as a result_____ but____In conclusion_____

Well solve this. Find the different between each 2 numbers and fill in all the bubbles.

Maths is fun and the lessons thats beeing taught are about covering the act of solving a few problems on numbers & operations and also searching the answers to the puzzles given.
Alhamdulillah, accomplished when 13 students had registered. 

Monday, 19 October 2015

More Workshop...

Alhamdulillah... another workshop among  JUE200 and JUE100 students completed. We actually taking the Multimedia Room at Hamzah Sendut lib, quite spacious and comfortably smart. So lets review:-

       Date      : Saturday  17/10
                    : 2.00- 4.00pm
      Venue     : Multi purpose Hall,Hamzah Sendut 1, USM
1. Checklist on Grammar- Parts of speech 
2. Basic tools to construct Clause, Phrase,Sentences, Paragraph & Essay.
3. Types of Sentences.
4. Connectors- Sequence, addition, contrast, illustrate , etc 
5. Additional words to assist , ways and tips to construct sentences.
              Well I guess notes that seems important such as Connectors on writing essays, such as 👉 in addition eg: furthermore, in other words....etc
There're also types of  Adverb👇
 adverb of degree: totally, extremely ; that is used together with adjectives.
 eg: 1. She is totally insane for giving up hopes.
       2. You are extremely hot with boys😉
and many more in this workshop. Thank you ladies.