Monday, 19 October 2015

More Workshop...

Alhamdulillah... another workshop among  JUE200 and JUE100 students completed. We actually taking the Multimedia Room at Hamzah Sendut lib, quite spacious and comfortably smart. So lets review:-

       Date      : Saturday  17/10
                    : 2.00- 4.00pm
      Venue     : Multi purpose Hall,Hamzah Sendut 1, USM
1. Checklist on Grammar- Parts of speech 
2. Basic tools to construct Clause, Phrase,Sentences, Paragraph & Essay.
3. Types of Sentences.
4. Connectors- Sequence, addition, contrast, illustrate , etc 
5. Additional words to assist , ways and tips to construct sentences.
              Well I guess notes that seems important such as Connectors on writing essays, such as 👉 in addition eg: furthermore, in other words....etc
There're also types of  Adverb👇
 adverb of degree: totally, extremely ; that is used together with adjectives.
 eg: 1. She is totally insane for giving up hopes.
       2. You are extremely hot with boys😉
and many more in this workshop. Thank you ladies.



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