Sunday, 20 September 2015


     My first International Proceeding was through
1st International Conference On Creative Media, Design & Technology (REKA 2014)  USM. I was so excited that day when my research throughout all of my teaching methode as well as future studies was reflected in a very simple contains of paperwork of my own, and it was published as one of the contents in the book.It only took about a year then.
 At first it was only published in the collection of  ABSTRACT by School of the Arts, USM Penang and then next step, taraaa.....the book of Conference Proceeding.

I will also like to dedicate my sincerely gratitude to Dr Jasni Dollah, Chief Editor who handed me this book and merely laid out clearly small tips to me with so many do and don't.

Well, I truly  love to highlight a few more of the contents as it was shown a bite of it actually here but by all means, it was binded by some written rules and perpetually I do hope the 
awareness on implying the aim of this paperwork of mine will be accomplished.

Here is another figure which I am still slightly overwhelmed with gratitude for his kindness of showing me personally the added values of blended teaching, Professor Dr Muhamed Amin Embi, Deputy Derector e-learning, Centre for Academic Developement UKM.
 Yes, its the best info and knowledge I ever had that year and loved every minute of it..

After that, I had indulge into an event which took place in KL on 2013. By no means, I am also grateful to  Dr Sugata Mitra, Professor of Educational Technology at the School of Education, Communication and Language Sciences at Newcastle University, UK  and also a few more Professors that day.

He is a remarkable person who is searching for a better future learning that can assist more students towards the best performance! He aspires me in getting nearer to this mode and I love that too.

Some of the Teaching Methodology
Blended Teaching towards future learning.

Instructor Based teaching models 
Slides, videos and role play


Classroom coaching and revision
Intractive lessons ,slides

Computer based
Audio and web based
- read and say


IT – Computer based
Web resources


Thinking Skills  on tutoring and coaching.
Multiple teaching strategies


Notes and Presentations
Audio and Google Tools

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