Sunday, 20 September 2015

Learning English?

 What do you have to do? 

Everybody is in eagerness to study English in all terms; to learn ways and opt on how to write and speak. To communicate with each other and most of all to read English books where education is the major excuse to enhance and indulge more.
        Learning is a form of practise and adapt knowledge where learners are equipped with skill to develope proficiency in their role as student. They are engaged with themes and units grouped in a bunch of subjects which are offered by the Universities and Institutes. According to Dictionary, learning  is the cognitive process of acquiring skill or knowledge. Hence, we shud be more grateful than to be able to learn throughout many links that are simply scattered nearly everywhere. On the other hand, internet is the most blessed gadget around and merely much much more easier to handle, fast to access and quite sophisticated to dare. Wow! What a world!

English Language is fun with lots of courses to be taken in clear and simple manner, regarding parts of speech, which are the most important requirement to be smart. It consists of articles,noun,pronoun,verb, adverb,adjective,preposition,interjection, conjunction,sequence,determiners and interogative words. Well what a go!
    So without further ado, come lets do some lessons here:-

Daily Routines
A) Complete the sentences below using a present simple verb:
I  read  the newspaper at 8.00am.
I usually have  a coffee break at 10.30am.
I ____________________ a shower at 7.30am.
I ____________________ a bus to work at 8.30am.
I ____________________ up at 7.15am.
I ____________________ work at 9.00am.
I ____________________ lunch at 1.00pm.
She ____________________ to my friend on the phone at 2.30pm.
My aunt____________________ an email at 2.40pm.
The boys____________________ up at 7.05am.
I ____________________ breakfast at 7.45am.
I ____________________ home at 5.00pm.
You____________________ your guitar at 9.00pm.
They____________________ dinner at 6.00pm.
Every children____________________ to bed at 11.10pm.
Amin and Alan____________________ football at 7.00pm.
Sheela, Ani and Miela ____________________  books at 10.00pm.
I ____________________ to the radio at 10.40pm.

My family and I ____________________ TV at 8.30pm. 
Mom ____________________ the dishes at 6.30pm. 
I ____________________ to sleep at about 11.20pm

Go on practicing :-

Elementary Homophones 1
Homophones are words that sound the same as each other, but have different
spellings and meanings.
Put together the words that sound the same:
board      dear     bare     be     aren’t     mail     heel    knows 
    find     mourning     by     its     for    high     meet 
1. fined ___________________________
2. nose ___________________________
3. bee ___________________________
4. it’s ___________________________
5. male ___________________________
6. bored ___________________________
7. morning ___________________________
8. buy ___________________________
9. hi ___________________________
10. bear ___________________________
11. meat ___________________________
12. deer ___________________________
13. four ___________________________
14. heal ___________________________
15. aunt ___________________________

- aulia az September'15

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