Saturday, 28 January 2017

Equipt for Future Globalization

Hi again
In having time to gain knowledge is quite a blessing. Thinking about noetic learning is an interesting topic to discuss about only  to those who loved it, I guess but not all tend to have it as trophy. As it seems a plain exhausting topic that associated with the use of mind; in addition, going through advertisement and blogs are not much an activity to be liked ( in my kinda of view...thats why many of them failed in exams, interviews and promotion). Nowadays  learning English is something that everyone hunts deeply, knowing that it helps to explore the world of hub and lots more. Growing towards the path of 21st. century...I assumed that tools and gadgets had changed the knowledge tides towards true globalisation and still  to keep on going on and on...infinitive, never trying to get it over and done with.
First, they say that knowledge is costly! And indeed it does as it is the quality thats beeing sought after. But still the local tuition centre had not beeing taken for liking too. How often, we cud see parents had to urge their kids to study at the tution centre or involve in any workshop. Today's generation are geared towards higher thinking skills so that they may survive for the coming new technology governance and modern civilisation. Nevertheless there are lots of management events that can change the world so of course the awareness of learning and studying shud be known and illustrates wider. Beyond everything thats been noted, gadget and phones are spreading fast and affected the younger generations even more. This must be reduced as they disturbed the process of learning. I hope more and more students and community will alert on this isue. Strive for the best!
Now lets skip to an activity with  a few couple of shots from the recent workshop.
Those who love studying to enhance themselves and to grab success within the opportunity given.Taking the resource and capability perspectives as valuable lenses to study more. Well by the look of it, everybody is looking at their best post, discussing with the Tutor over the basic point in starting a clause, phrase, sentence, paragraph and essays.
Date: 27th Jan 2017 at Multi-purpose Hall, Hamzah sendut 1, USM, Penang

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